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Delivering outstanding results begins with delivering outstanding leadership in a psychologically safe environment.

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We help build effective teams, environments, and solutions by understanding the needs of employees and proactively shaping the way people work. Metrics and targets are achieved when employees feel supported in their individual and collective initiatives. Through normalizing and proactively addressing mental health in the workplace, we create an inclusive and authentic organizational culture that has a direct impact on employee engagement and performance.

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The focus of our work together can include designing custom Mental Health internal corporate strategies, regional/ system-level planning, or building plans to mitigate the risk of MHA negatively impacting your workplace.
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By completing a thorough gap analysis and current state review of the organization, we can craft recommendations for a strategy that meets your individualized needs in addition to an implementation plan for organizational success. Understanding, addressing and acknowledging the impact of psychological health and safety in the workplace increases an organization's efficacy in retaining and attracting employees.
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Leaders create the culture and environment within an organization. Building, sustaining, and attracting talent to enrich your leadership team will give you a competitive advantage by increasing psychological safety and creating an overall strong and responsive organizational culture.

Your partner for a more effective workplace.

Shaping a workplace where people achieve their full potential within an organizational culture that supports them.

We help you create places and spaces for individuals and organizations to thrive in an everchanging workplace landscape. By supporting leaders and executives to understand and support mental health in the workplace, it leads to better overall performance and organizational culture.

Building a great organization is founded in creating space where everyone works towards a common mission and vision, feels a sense of belonging and feels a part of the greater good. My goal in partnering with your organization is to create sustainable and impactful strategies, complete data driven assessments, and build awareness through coaching leaders that truly support mental health in the workplace.

By establishing psychologically safety and health in your workplace, you are investing in your employees – your most valued asset. The continuum of mental health issues affects everyone, and these types of illnesses increase concerns with absenteeism, presenteeism, talent attraction and retention. Promoting a mentally healthy workplace can assist in reducing the negative impact and the associated costs, and improve efficiency overall.

The creation of an open, inclusive, and connected environment in organizations founded in empathy, understanding and humanity will enable a greater transparency and acceptance of human challenges. The impact of stress and burnout on our work environment and our employees has demanded that we make psychological health and safety a priority in all levels of the organization to drive systemic organizational change.

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    “Over the years I have worked with Heather on various projects and have found her experience to be invaluable. She is a solid, reliable resource. She has coached me through challenges experienced when attempting to re-integrate staff members who have been off work due to mental illness. She understands the re-integration is not just about the staff member returning, but also about those with whom the individual works. Because of her knowledge in mental health, she is keenly aware of the line between supporting the returning staff member, and becoming too involved. Heather is also an excellent strategist. Her leadership experience has provided her with many opportunities to set organizational strategy, which she executes, evaluates and course-corrects when the unexpected happens. Her approach includes encouraging staff to participate as strategies are operationalized, and supporting them through the changes which occur to their processes and jobs as a result of organizational strategy changes, including coaching managers in effectively coaching their own staff.”
    Jo T., Consultant
    “Heather Lumley’s consultation services were incredibly valuable to our Agency during a very chaotic, busy time in our organizational life cycle. Heather completed a thorough assessment of our needs and provided a comprehensive project plan which included training, policy compliance information and risk management oversight. She also worked alongside us to provide ongoing coaching and support for our staff team. Can’t thank her enough!”
    Heather K., Past Executive Director
    “Heather is a strong leader who leverages her insights, business knowledge and mental health experience to coach and support teams, colleagues and peers to build successful programs and strategies. I have worked with Heather for over 12 years and her goal within our workplace was to build a culture of trust and help employees feel valued for their individual contributions to the overall mission. She has excellent people skills and was well respected as a leader and mentor. It was a pleasure to work with and learn from Heather as our guide and facilitator on many innovative initiatives.”
    Michele M., Manager
    “Heather is a dynamic and visionary leader. Her knowledge of health sectors and her experience in system planning and design is exemplary. I have worked closely with Heather, in many roles, for more than a decade and I have consistently been impressed by her comprehensive understanding of health systems, her pioneering approach to evolving models of care and her commitment to evidence based, best practice. Heather always brings a fresh perspective and creative approach to her work – her skills and experience are incredibly diverse – ensuring her leadership approach is innovative and perceptive. Heather will undoubtedly be a valuable and competent resource to any initiative she leads or supports.”
    Julie M., Executive

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